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Special activities for S20


1. Share Star of Heroes to Win Newbie Pack

Event Content:
Check Giveaway tab on Star of Heroes fan page, hit Share to win Newbie Pack. Then copy and paste the pack code in Exchange Code box in game to claim the rewards.

Rewards: 50K Gold, 50 Diamonds, Dream Dust * 5 and Medium EXP Tome * 5

Note: Each player can only claim the pack once.

2.Collect 3-Star Heroes to Win Rewards (Only For S20–FireCharmer)

Event Duration: Sep. 28th 06:00 ~ Oct. 5th 05:59
Event Content:

During the event, players who collect certain amount of 3-star heroes in game and post on Star of Heroes Forum according to specific format with screenshots, can obtain following rewards within 3 days after the event.

Primary Rewards Available for more than 2 3-star heroes:
200K Gold and Random Hero Soul Pack * 5

Higher Rewards Available for more than 5 3-star heroes:
500 Diamonds and Random Hero Soul Pack * 10

Note: A player can receive both of the above rewards.

【Post Format】
Server name: S1-Lich King
Character name: LOYGAME
Character Level: 43
Suit name: 2 3-star heroes/5 3-star heroes
Equips Screenshot:

Please post under this thread here: http://forums.loygame.com/showthread.php?2323-New-Server-S20-FireCharmer-is-Coming!

3.Flash VIP2 Discount(Only For S20 – FireCharmer)

Event Duration: Sep. 28th 06:00 ~ Oct. 1st 05:59
Event Content:
During the event, players can get VIP2 privileges (Original Price $15) at a discount of 40%, that is, you can get VIP2 privilege with just $10. Each player gets only one chance for the event.

This event is only valid for recharge of product Flash VIP 2 Sale made at http://www.loygame.com/payment/games?game_id=19

VIP2 privileges:
Speed up the battle 2 times faster.
Buy SP 3 times a day.
Use Hand of Midas 20 times a day.
Reset Elite Stages once a day.
Buy Skill PTS 2 times a day.
Skill point maximum upper bound of 20 points.
Send and Claim 12 congratulations every day.



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